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Stonehenge Guided Walking Tours Small Groups
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Did you know the famous stone circle is surrounded by other prehistoric monuments, which are all part of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site?

Stonehenge needs little introduction. We all know it. But have you ever experienced it on foot? And do you know how those huge heavy rocks got there? Or what the ancient site was used for?

The best way to approach Stonehenge is on foot across the landscape, the same way that the ancient Neolithic and Bronze Age people did over 4000 years ago.

Our licensed guided walking tours provides you with spectacular views of the Stonehenge area rarely seen by the millions of people who visit the monument each year. This really is a wonderful walk with some tantalising glimpses of the Stone Circle as you approach.

"Join an organised regular group tour or book a private tour guide for a more bespoke experience." 

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  • Stonehenge Expert, Astronomer and Local Historian
    Flexible deparures direc from the Stonehenge Visitor Centre
    See Bronze Age barrows
    Look inside the reconstructed Neolithic houses
    Stand in the 360° theatre and watch the solstice sunrise
    Hear about recent findings from the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project
    Explore the astronomy, archaeology and mythology of the site
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2021 World Heritage Guided Walking Tours

This Stonehenge World Heritage Trail explores the awe-inspiring monuments and landscapes of Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain. Your expert guide will lead you through ancient landscapes, monumental earthworks, megalithic circles and avenues.

"Travelling on foot is a great leveller of centuries, reminding you of the impact sites such as Stonehenge must have had millennia ago"

Your tour guide for this experience is a local historian and astronomer who has spent the last 15 years researching Stonehenge and its surrounding area. He has an in-depth understanding of the solar and lunar alignment theories as well as a passion for the archaeology and history of the World Heritage Site.

Stonehenge special access tours can also be arranged and combined with our walking tours for private groups. Transport can be arranged for departures from London, Bath and nearby Salisbury

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